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    Structured Finance Portal CLO Monitoring Module

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    Moody's Analytics Structured Finance Portal's CLO Monitoring Module provides users with 500+ enhanced metrics, a sophisticated cash flow engine, global CLO coverage, advanced comparative manager metrics, and dependable market value metrics.

    Aggregate and Compare Data Essentials with our CLO Management Module

      • Track historical and current performance of CLO Managers
      • Access aggregated information such as Annualized Default Rate, Par Build and Industry Exposures in order to determine a manager's style and trading behavior.
      • Easily compare managers side-by-side to identify their strengths, weaknesses, performance, and unique characteristics.
      • Utilize cohort analysis to benchmark a CLO Manager against the broader market.

    Simplify your analysis with our Deal Module

    • Bring in over 100 metrics to gain information for actionable insights through powerful visualization tools.
    • Compare a specific deal against a vintage or a self-defined cohort to provide content for decision-making.
    • Access standardized loan names/identifiers generated by advanced algorithms.
    • Leverage live loan pricing from multiple sources to calculate MV OCs and NAVs.
    • Analyze underlying exposure across deals and managers by generating an overlap matrix.
    • Gain a granular level understanding of common assets held by a multitude of deals and managers.

    Critical Issuer Analytics

    • Analyze issuer exposures across the CLO universe.
    • Quickly see deals and managers with the largest exposures to any issuer.
    • Track and easily view all historical transactions or CLO assets alongside the daily pricing.
    • Gain a complete view of live loan pricing, purchases and sales by managers using advanced graphing capabilities layered with transactional data.

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