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    Our risk data solutions help organizations improve their strategic planning and risk management practices. We provide access to comprehensive economic, demographic, credit, and financial industry data to create solutions of unparalleled breadth and depth.

    Our risk data solutions cover all major lending asset classes, including commercial and industrial, commercial real estate, consumer, small and medium enterprise, structured pools of credit, sovereign bonds, and more. We provide extensive economic and demographic data; commercial and consumer credit default data; structured finance data; private, public, and sovereign default data; public and sovereign recoveries; defaults; and rating movements.  

    Accurate, Timely, and Exceptional Client Support for Your Business Needs

    Moody’s Analytics is committed to meeting your evolving business needs by continually enhancing our data solutions through the investment, collection, and development of data. Our experienced data specialists update data daily and regularly run integrity checks, and our analysts and client service representatives are highly responsive to client inquiries.

    Quantitative Insights for Business and Regulatory Needs

    Our credit and economic data solutions aid clients in risk assessment, asset and investment management, forecasting, model development, validation, benchmarking, stress testing, and internal capital assessment. Our granular data help clients make informed marketing, pricing, assessment, scoring, and origination decisions, and better measure and mitigate expected losses across multiple asset classes.

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    The NewsEdge portal provides real-time news management and delivery for business professionals. We offer content from over 20,000 licensed and web sources, extensively tagged for detailed search.

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