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    Consumer lenders must account for changing economic conditions on the current and future performance of their portfolios to manage their business effectively. CreditForecast.com, a Moody’s Analytics and Equifax partnership, provides data, forecasts, and analyses to assess how economic conditions affect consumer credit behavior and performance.

    Tap into exclusive forecasts based on credit bureau data from Equifax

    • Extensive, detailed, and consistent consumer credit data and forecasts available for all major consumer lending lines, such as auto, bankcard, and mortgage.
    • Key consumer information, such as age, personal income, current risk scores, risk scores at origination, and presence of a mortgage.
    • Exclusive volume and credit quality assessment for new origination lines, plus key credit and blended variables not available elsewhere.
    • Fully transparent and documented forecast and alternative scenarios, updated monthly, for stress testing and “what if" analyses.
    • Quarterly in-depth analyses for each product line and quarterly webinars on the consumer credit outlook.

    Utilize consumer credit forecasts for a variety of applications

    • Identify market opportunities and adjust customer retention, scoring, marketing, and pricing programs based on data and analyses.
    • Leverage information for strategic business planning, investment, and expansion decisions as well as location analyses.
    • Conduct loss forecasting, benchmarking, sensitivity analyses, and stress testing exercises on the performance of your portfolios.
    • Assess the impact of potential economic downturns on your business and investments.

    Leverage credible consumer credit forecasts from a trusted source

      CreditForecast.com is backed by economists with extensive experience in forecasting business cycles and formulating credible stress scenarios. We offer a quantitative, transparent, and documented methodology for incorporating economic factors into consumer credit forecasts.

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