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    Credit Monitoring

    A lender's work does not end with loan disbursement; in fact, that is just the start of a relationship that can grow over years or even decades. However, you must keep a watchful eye to ensure that changes in borrowers’ finances or circumstances do not put repayment in jeopardy, or that unintended exposures breach your risk appetite limits. Moody’s Analytics can help.

    Until recently, monitoring a borrower's creditworthiness was an annual exercise that involved a review of historic financial statements and relied upon the good faith of the borrower in providing accurate information.

    Today's fast-moving world no longer accommodates a leisurely pace or trusting spirit. A borrower's financial condition or business prospects can change rapidly and often without warning. To reduce default risk, credit must be monitored proactively, objectively, and continuously, taking into account various counterparty, consumer, industry, macro, and regional economic data; trends; and forecasts.

    Fortunately, analyzing and monitoring vast amounts of information is a task that our solutions and analysts do extremely well. Moody’s Analytics credit monitoring solutions can track a virtually infinite number of data points and their effects upon one another and alert you to signs of trouble in time to take corrective action. Our solutions are backed by economists and credit and data specialists who have extensive experience in understanding the economic and credit trends that may impact your lending business and investments. Our proactive monitoring and analytical expertise is built into our credit assessment solutions.

    Proactively track borrower credit quality

    In today's fast-changing global economy with complex interactions and unforeseen consequences, it is essential to monitor borrowers' financial conditions on a regular basis. Our solutions allow you to track finances, covenant compliance, and economic trends as often and in as much depth as you require in order to protect your capital.

    Keep risk within set limits automatically

    Different institutions can have very different attitudes toward and appetites for risk. The trick is to maximize returns by taking on just enough risk – without crossing the line and assuming more risk than you want. Our solutions monitor your portfolio by entity, sector, and bank policy and alert you if a deal you are considering would push you over your limit.

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