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    Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL)

    Make fast work of calculating loan and lease reserves with our proven solutions for allowances for loan and lease losses (ALLL). Feel confident in internal audits or regulatory exams with highly accurate data.

    Calculate allowances for loan and lease losses (ALLL) quickly and easily with our proven, cloud-based solution. Our solution requires no additional IT staff or hardware investment and is automatically updated for easy maintenance.

    Regulators require banks to develop, maintain, and document a comprehensive, systematic, and consistently applied ALLL process. ALLL Cloud helps you do all this and more – whether you calculate reserves at the holding company, individual bank/charter, or regional level. Now you can cut this time-consuming job down to size and respond confidently about reserves to your board, examiners, and auditors.

    ALLL Cloud delivers efficiency in regulatory compliance, automatic data collection, informed decision-making, clear documentation, accurate financial reporting, and centralized information storage.

    Better Informed Decision-Making

    Bring all data together in a single platform for a more streamlined and intelligent decision process. Easily support your calculations with the ability to attach documents to your analysis, ensuring that you provide a comprehensive rationale and audit trail.

    An Added Degree of Certainty

    Automating your ALLL process allows you to spend less time on tedious, labor-intensive work and focus on more important aspects of your risk management practices. ALLL Cloud applies historical and subjective considerations to your calculations, including quarterly loss histories, environmental factors, and peer comparisons.

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